Reflective Reading: The Chessmen Thief


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The Chessmen Thief by Barbara Henderson
(Available to buy directly from the publisher, Cranachan Publishing or from any good bookshop)

Win. Lose. Survive.

I was the boy with a plan. Now I am the boy with nothing.

From the moment 12-year-old Kylan hatches a plan to escape from his Norse captors, and return to Scotland to find his mother, his life becomes a dangerous game.
The precious Lewis Chessmen pieces—which he helped carve—hold the key to his freedom, but he will need all his courage and wit to triumph against Sven Asleifsson, the cruellest Viking in the realm.
One false move could cost him his life.

Barbara Henderson has woven a thrilling origin story around the enduring mystery of the Lewis Chessmen, their creation in Norway, and how they ended up buried in the Hebrides before being discovered on Lewis in 1831.

The Chessmen Thief
Barbara Henderson

978-1-911279-85-3 Paperback
978-1-911279-86-0 eBook

Reflective Reading: The Chessmen Thief