Welcome to The Teaching Trunk! Here is the place to share, swap, steal, upload and download resources, lesson plans, Task Maps and Textplorers activities!

Love Reflective Reading but wish there was a quicker way to create engaging lessons that challenge and encourage children to look closely, think deeply and reflect carefully on their reading?
The Teaching Trunk is guarded by Rosie the Elephant – it is designed to allow teachers to easily upload and share their Reflective Reading (or Muckle Reading!) resources with each other.

Ready to download and save yourself some time? Simply click on Rosie below – she’ll take you straight to The Teaching Trunk and its treasure trove of resources! Happy reading and happy teaching!

The Teaching Trunk Logo cropped

Want to upload your own resources to Rosie’s Trunk? Just drop us an email to hello@thelearningzoo.co.uk with the files and let us know which folder(s) in Rosie’s Trunk to add them to. She’ll have a quick check of the files and if she is happy will add them to her trunk. Thank you!

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