Reflective Reading: Black Water Resource Pack


Simply click the image below to download the *free* Reflective Reading classroom pack to accompany the best-selling title Black Water by Barbara Henderson.
Each pack includes a full set of Task Maps covering the whole book, along with some additional activities too.
These resources are ideal if you’re using the book as a whole-class novel, or for reading groups in class.


Black Water by Barbara Henderson.
(Available to buy directly from the publisher, Cranachan Publishing or from any good bookshop)
Sink or swim to survive. Solway’s black water...
Down by the coast, black water swirls and hides its secrets.
Dumfries, 1792. Henry may only be twelve, but he has already begun his training in the Excise, combating smuggling like his father does. But when a large smuggling schooner is stranded nearby, the stakes are high—even with reinforcements, and the newly recruited officer, a poet called Robert Burns. Musket  re, obstructive locals, quicksand and cannonballs—it is a mission of survival.
As it turns out: Henry has a crucial part to play…

  • A Scottish fast-paced smuggling adventure based on real events—by best-selling children’s author Barbara Henderson
  • Set in Dumfries, featuring Scots, and a cameo appearance by Robert Burns
  • Perfect whole-class novel to support work on Scots and/or Robert Burns and use story to bring this time period to life

Black Water
Barbara Henderson
978-1-911279-62-4 Paperback
978-1-911279-63-1 eBook

Reflective Reading: Black Water Resource Pack