Finding the Snorgh Soup

I just had to share these fantastic clips and email sent to me by a lovely teacher that works in Sgoil na Pairc on the Isle of Lewis.

Book Discovery

I had to email you and tell you about our day! We had the most wonderful morning… at the last minute I decided I would put all the clues outside and the children just lapped it up. Their imaginations were on fire. We didn’t end up reading the book for nearly an hour as they decided there were lots of clues all around our outdoor classroom! They tried to make sense of the clues and decided the Snorgh had sailed down the stream beside the school and crashed into the rocks, breaking the sail of his boat! Our environment is perfect for sharing these kind of stories as we have such a wonderful landscape!

They made predictions about the story and once we started reading it, you could hear a pin drop! They have just started to make a diagram for their boat plan. They were so engaged, it was amazing to see!

If you have Facebook head over to our page Sgoil na Pairc to see some photos and the most wonderful footage I managed to capture. I really was able to take a back seat initially and let them lead their own learning!

Thank you so much for producing these resources!!


Class Teacher, Sgoil na Pairc, Isle of Lewis
Snorghs at Sgoil na Pairc

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