I have a confession to make.
I still do Brain Gym in my classroom.

I normally don’t mention it to people. It lost its credibility in the classroom after Dr. Ben Goldacres’s damning report on the Bad Science website. Its credibility however with the pupils in my classroom remains intact. Quite simply, they enjoy it. Does it matter if it is (or isn’t!) helping the left side and right side of their brains to work together? No.
Does it matter that every child in my class has the same short morning routine that they can rely on? Yes.
Whether we are spending our day as timetabled or go off-piste and doing something a bit different our little routine set us up for the day – ERIC, Register, Brain Gym and a Poem-a-Day – followed by – well, anything!
The children look forward to the routine, it provides a calm, focused atmosphere and, in time, they begin suggesting new music and offer to take their turn to lead from the front – often adding their own moves.
Our version of Brain Gym means that we all start the day with an energising piece of music, a few simple exercises to wake us up – and most importantly: a smile on our faces.
Here are a few of our favourite tracks from our Brain Gym Playlist:
Happiness – Ken Dodd
Dallas Theme Tune
I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ – Scissor Sisters
Agadoo and Superman – Black Lace
Never Miss a Beat – Kaiser Chiefs
Let Your Love Flow – Bellamy Brothers
Duelling Violins – Ronan Hardman (Michael Flatley’s Feet of Flames)

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Brain Gym is Alive!
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