Like ‘Big Writing’, ‘Reflective Reading’ is simply a methodology. However, it is a rather marvellous one. You, Anne, are doing excellent things, but it shouldn’t be a commercial enterprise. This needs to be rolled out through Education Scotland. I don’t advocate England’s curriculum prescriptive, but this good practice really needs a wider audience. It would ensure consistency of approach and quality across Scotland, not just the pockets/people who can afford to attend this training.
Iain Morrow, Principal Teacher
Thank you very much for today. I feel this will make a huge impact on my practice. I would be delighted to have more of our teachers trained.
Barry Donaldson, Literacy Support Officer
An outstanding delivery of an extremely informative course. Everybody needs to sign up for this course ASAP!
Maggie McEntee, Class Teacher
Anne struck a perfect balance of entertainment, content, theory and practical activities!
Andrine Black, Class Teacher (ASN-SEBN)
dreamstime_xs_44474196Thank you for the best-ever Inset day! Friend for life 🙂
Wendy Rennie, Class Teacher
Anne is so inspiring and easy to listen to. Today has whizzed by because she is engaging, energetic and creative. Anne has personally helped me to feel re-energised and I am now very keen to change things and to try out her ideas and make reading better in my classroom!
Lucy Power, Class Teacher
iStock_000006567835XSmallExcellent course, Anne. Great to see it at the leading edge of current research. Thank you for all the support that you’ve provided our Authority.
James Cook, Literacy and Assessment Development Officer
I thought this was a very useful course backed by research and tailor-made to suit CfE. Thanks to Anne for an inspirational day.
Kirsty Greenwood, Class TeacheriStock_000008330092XSmall
This has taken me way longer than I meant it to, but I just wanted to thank you so, SO much for the course last Wednesday. I can honestly say that it was the single best CPD training I have attended in my career and I came away feeling really excited.
Kate McJennett, Secondary English Teacher
Really enjoyed it. The speaker (Anne) was engaging and inspiring. I’ve been given lots practical things to action and a lot of food for thought. An incredible resource – thank you very much.
Jessica Pollock, Class Teacher
Very useful resources. Really engaging & motivating presentation. Thanks Anne – you have inspired and rejuvenated me!
Janey Nicol, Class Teacher
aardvark small
What a fantastic day! Love the ideas to help share a love of reading. Reading is my passion so anything that gives me an opportunity to share strategies to use is a bonus. Thanks for a great, useful day.
Tracey Michie, Depute Headdreamstime_xs_40402975A fantastic course which has got me excited about reading with my class. Excellent resources which are tailored to the children. I can’t wait to get planning. Excellent presenting skills! Thank you!! 😀
Stephanie Young, Class Teacher
Very interesting and relevant for my needs and the needs of the school. Very inspiring.
Debbie Mercer, DHTiStock_000010554748XSmallAnne is an excellent presenter and inspiring. I did this course in June and have been implementing strategies since. My class love it, as do I!
Rachael Quinn, Class Teacher
Very educational and inspiring. I will use the materials and tweet the outcome. Thank you.
Michelle Hoppé, Class Teacher
The single best course I have thus far attended in 21 years of teaching. This is why I came into the job.
Mark Woods, Class Teacher