Reflective Reading: Rivet Boy


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Don’t look down…

When 12-year-old John Nicol gets a job at the Forth Bridge construction site, he knows it’s dangerous. Workers have already fallen from the bridge into the Forth below. But John has no choice—with his father gone, he must provide an income for his family—even if he is terrified of heights.

John finds comfort in the new Carnegie library, his friend Cora and his squirrel companion, Rusty. But when he is sent to work in Cain Murdoch’s Rivet Gang, John must find the courage to climb, to face his fears, and to stand up to his evil boss.

Rivet Boy
Barbara Henderson

978-1-911279-22-8 Paperback
978-1-911279-25-9 eBook

Publication/ 16th February 2023

Reflective Reading: Rivet Boy