Game-changer! + very inspirational. Where to start? Well actually, I now have the answer! Back to the ranch to tear down wall displays.
Gail Elder, PT Literacy and ASN
Really worthwhile and has given me a lot to consider. From an academic point of view, it would have helped to have key aspects of the rationale referenced (although I completely understand that for many people this is not necessary!) Will keep you updated on how the fight pans out in Higher Education!!
Louise McKie, Lecturer (ITE)iStock_000010481504XSmallToday has been a mixture of emotions / feelings! I have felt refreshed, enlightened, empowered, scared, excited and nervous all at once! Looking back on my own current practice of teaching phonics and reading, I can see how and why some of my children are not reading, and what I need to do now to make changes to ‘narrow the gap’. I have felt inspired today by Anne’s research, her passion for reading and the wide knowledge that she has. I wish I had been told all of this as a student 20 years ago!
Lucy Power, Class Teacher
This course has given me a very clear approach for the delivery of phonics throughout the school! Exactly what I was hoping for.
Cathleen MacDonald, Depute Head
Before this I felt at sea and had no idea how to approach reading. I feel my instincts of keeping it simple and focussing on sounds has now been confirmed and is the right approach. The resources were brilliant and is something I will recommend to my peers – as well as the course.
Helen Ireland, Student
It just makes sense! I have never been on such a comprehensive, detailed course that has been based on valid / relevant research – and I wonder why? Every teacher should know what I know after today. I am really looking forward to implementing what I have learned and sharing it with my colleagues. My confidence in how to teach reading effectively has increased considerably. Another super course, thank you!
Aoibheann Kelly, Class Teacherferret-300x194Fantastic course with fantastic resources and ideas; loved the golden ticket. Very thought-provoking with lots of questions to make you think about your current practice. Feels like phonics has a real purpose and it doesn’t need ‘extraneous activities’ to make it work for the children and to make an impact. De-cluttering phonics!! Was a lot to take in one day. Thank you 🙂
Pamela Hill, Class Teacher
I used the boxercise with my P2s today and they loved it! However I must remember to turn the heating off in the classroom before we do it next time – it was a real workout! I’m currently changing my teaching of phonics, doing lots of work on the sounds and LOTS of practising of blending and segmenting! Definitely what my kids need! I’ve reverted back to a more whole class approach with the children actively working in pairs to blend and segment after the initial teaching input. And I’m not worrying about cutting the ‘rolling in noodles’ aspect of my old phonics lessons! I’m trying to ensure I keep my phonics lessons focused, still always thinking of the purpose of what we are doing! Many thanks again, I really got a lot out of your course the other week. Also, thank you for the PowerPoint and your prompt reply!
Faye Hogg, Class Teacher
Feel as if everything has been covered in great depth; with a lot of useable resources and strategies. Everything is clear and all instructions are provided, so that they are easy to implement even if you have no previous experience. The fact that reading, writing and handwriting are linked and taught together makes great sense. Really want to give this a go.
Eileen Roche, Class Teacher
A really interesting day: a good mix of listening, discussing and doing. Will be great to assess where we are as a school and adapt to provide consistency across the school. Lots of practical and ideas and well-thought out resources – excited about trying things out in my own class.
Aileen Borthwick, Principal Teacherbaby parrot blueLots of great resources and teaching ideas. Has really made me think about my teaching of phonics and literacy and made me want to return to school and change my teaching practice for the better. I think I will feel more confident using the resources from the Phonics International site, as I had a looked at a few but didn’t know where to start. I feel like phonics is so much more important and not just something to fit into the timetable. Thank you for today!!
Gillian Gallacher, Class Teacher
Lots of great resources; so much to take on in one day – very thought provoking! Reading chart is a good way to plot where children are in their reading. Blending and segmenting are very important. Children need lots of opportunities to practise! The prototype for teaching the alphabetic code is very helpful. Think one of the key messages to take away is to consider: is it fit for purpose? What is it actually teaching? Today has shown that phonics can have a real purpose and impact. Phonics shouldn’t be an add-on! Thank you.
Faye Hogg, Class Teacherseal-dreamstime_xs_36784528-300x176