Hello! This is the place to be if you have a Textplorers activity to upload and share with other teachers! Just follow the instructions below to add your terrific teaching resources to The Trunk:

1. Where possible, please ensure the file name contains a reference to the text used and the type of activity e.g. A Gift from Winklesea Blankety Blank.
2. If there is more than one page to your activity, please upload all of the pages as one file only – e.g. in a PDF, to ensure a swift and speedy download! Muchas gracias!
3. Please also add your name or your Twitter @ somewhere on it – so we all know who to thank!
4. All you have to do is drag and drop your file on the correct box below – this will ensure that other teachers can find what they are looking for easily!

You’ve created a Blankety Blank task? Drop it onto the green box! Booyah!
Upload Files through dbinbox.com
Spot the Silly Word? Slide it onto the pink rectangle! Splendid!Upload Files through dbinbox.comIt’s over here on the red box for Jigsaw Jumble! Jings!Upload Files through dbinbox.comPicture It! Plop it on pink!Upload Files through dbinbox.comIntegrate your Integrate It tasks into the light green rectangle! Groovy!Upload Files through dbinbox.comMade some Text Marking materials? Just drag them onto the orange box! Molto bene!Upload Files through dbinbox.comHave you been playing with your crystal ball again? Then you’ll know that it’s the yellow box for Predict What Happens Next! Massive!Upload Files through dbinbox.com