Well, here we are… another day closer to Christmas! As the nativity play and carol concert rehearsals start to take over the timetable, today’s Advent Giveaway is something to keep literacy on the menu, with an appealing Short Read Task Map using the new Paddington movie trailer! You can download it here:
Paddington Film Trailer Task Map
Given that many of the tasks involve discussion, this is a good one to top up listening and talking, but it also means it could be used successfully at most stages. (Differentiation will be based on outcome and the level of sophistication in the discussions, explanations and answers)
The Task Map contains a link to the necessary clip on YouTube, but if you haven’t seen it yet – here it is:

When using Task Maps, it is important to work in groups, as a team, and to allow children to choose which questions they wish to attempt. For example, depending on age and stage, you might ask them to do ‘Three in A Row’, ‘Connect 4’, ‘High 5’, ‘Select 6’, or if you’re cruel like me – ‘Full House’!
Please note, questions that have the Big Talk bubble next to them mean that there is no writing involved at all – not even notes – you purely ‘talk’ your answers. (These ones are always popular!)
We hope you enjoy the clip and the questions – do let us know how it goes down in the classroom!

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