Bonjour mes amis! (see my 1+2 languages there!) Today on the blog we’re giving away another lesson download, one that you can file away to be used on a rainy day, or whenever you just need a quick literacy activity that’s fun and easy to do.
day 9
Our text today is a poem called ‘The Marrog’ this one is in my Read Me: A poem for every day of the year  – and was one of my P3/4/5 class’s favourites.
One of the biggest changes with Curriculum for Excellence is the ‘definition of text’. We have to break the mind set (for teachers, parents and children) that reading = books. Reading is no longer just about books; it encompasses everything we read, watch or listen to. The TexTplorers Picture It task today can be read aloud to your class (or use the YouTube clip below!), and they have to listen very carefully to be able to draw their own ‘Marrog’, or, depending on age / stage, they can do the reading themselves, or in their trio groups. Just click below to download!
Picture It The Marrog
If you do try this out in class we’d love to see some of the Marrog pictures that your children draw as a result!

In other news, I’m going away for a few days (for some professional learning of my own!) so don’t worry if we don’t respond to your tweets, emails, comments etc. in a timely manner – all will be back to normal on Friday, but hopefully the blog and advent treats will keep going as normal.
Ciao for now,
Jeffrey and Anne x

Can you Picture It?

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