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World Book Day Reflective Reading Lesson Download!

As most of you will be busy planning exciting reading activities, extreme reading photo competitions, and dazzling fiction-related fancy dress costumes for World Book Day tomorrow, I thought I’d share a reading lesson to help alleviate the workload… This Reflective Reading lesson is all about World Book Day and analyses facts and opinions, ultimately asking […]

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Reflective Reading Book

Reflective Reading: Engaging and Practical Ideas for Teaching Reading Comprehension in the Primary Classroom by Anne Glennie This long-awaited title finally publishes the Reflective Reading methodology in print form, which is used in many schools and authorities across Scotland. This book provides the ideal accompaniment to in-service training and also serves as a ‘teacher’s manual’ for […]

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Please Look After This Bear

Well, here we are… another day closer to Christmas! As the nativity play and carol concert rehearsals start to take over the timetable, today’s Advent Giveaway is something to keep literacy on the menu, with an appealing Short Read Task Map using the new Paddington movie trailer! You can download it here: Paddington Film Trailer […]

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