Reflective Reading *ONLINE* 23rd January 2018 6pm-9pm

Reflective Reading *ONLINE* 23rd January 2018 6pm-9pm


* Session starts at 6pm prompt and will finish at 9pm*

Technical details: for best results, headphones should be worn. Jammies are optional, but recommended. And, don’t worry – even if you have a webcam – you can see Anne – but she can’t see you! BYOB (Bring Your Own Biscuits) ;D

Course Leader: Anne Glennie

Suitable for: Primary 1 – Primary 7 Teachers, SMT, Learning Support Teachers, Secondary English Teachers (S1-S3)


Reflective Reading will:

  • improve literacy standards, reading attainment and motivation in reading for all
  • put the magic back into reading through fun, engaging ideas and activities for the teaching of reading
  • create life-long readers with good reading habits, who enjoy and appreciate text in all its forms

Designed to be the ‘next steps’ for reading in Scotland, Reflective Reading responds to the aims and purposes of Curriculum for Excellence, including the Experiences and Outcomes and the 7 Principles. Child Friendly Reading Assessments will also generate and encourage a learning dialogue about reading to support Assessment is for Learning.

In addition, a new taxonomy for reading has been created to ensure that higher order thinking skills are embedded within the teaching of reading. Teachers and children will enjoy using the Comprehension Compass, creating Task Maps and completing Textplorers activities.

When used alongside Ros. Wilson’s Big Writing*, Reflective Reading offers a coherent, full-week solution to literacy in the classroom.

All delegates will receive access to online digital materials and lesson exemplars, to allow them to begin implementing Reflective Reading immediately.