Reflective Reading: Titanic Detective Agency Resource Pack


Simply click the download button below to download the *free* Reflective Reading classroom pack to accompany the best-selling title The Titanic Detective Agency by Lindsay Littleson.

Each pack includes a full set of Task Maps covering the whole book, along with some additional activities too.

These resources are ideal if you’re using the book as a whole-class novel, or for reading groups in class.


The Titanic Detective Agency by Lindsay Littleson

(Available to buy directly from the publisher, Cranachan Publishing or from any good bookshop)

Unlock the secrets of the unsinkable ship…

Bertha Watt, tree-climber and would-be polar explorer, is excited to be on RMS Titanic’s maiden voyage, as she leaves Aberdeen behind for the glamour of a new life in America.
But Bertha quickly realises that some passengers are behaving strangely, and she determines to unravel their secrets. With new friend, Madge, Bertha sets up her own detective agency to try and solve the mysteries onboard, but they have no idea that disaster is looming for Titanic.

Can they help Johan find the hidden treasure and unmask the identity of the enigmatic Mr Hoffman before time runs out on the ‘unsinkable’ ship?

A fresh and compelling re-telling of the Titanic voyage—with a Scottish twist—by best-selling children’s author Lindsay Littleson. Based on real passengers and events, fact and fiction are
skilfully woven together to create a meaningful and moving account of events aboard RMS Titanic. Ideal to tie in with the most popular Social Studies topic in Scottish primary schools: The Unsinkable Ship.

The Titanic Detective Agency
Lindsay Littleson

978-1-911279-44-0 Paperback
978-1-911279-45-7 eBook

Reflective Reading: Titanic Detective Agency Resource Pack