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CPD: Now you can join Anne, in your jammies!

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Woo! We are thrilled to launch The Learning Zoo Online *LIVE*!

You can now log-in *live* to our courses, from the comfort of your own home! All you need* is a computer, laptop or tablet with an internet connection to access our online classroom, where you can join Anne as she presents Reflective Reading or Phonics Forever!

Is reading in your class needing a re-vamp? Or are you looking for some fresh ideas to re-engage reluctant readers? Want to know more about Systematic Synthetic Phonics and how to do it in your class? Or do you have a spelling problem in school that needs solving? The answers to these questions and much, much more are covered in our online seminars.

Ready to Join in, in your Jammies?

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Online seminar places are £75 per person. Please ensure that you can attend on the date / time advertised before signing up.

*The small print and technical details: for best results, headphones should be worn when participating in an online seminar scenario (where people are joining in from home). Jammies are optional, but recommended. And, don’t worry – even if you have a webcam – you can see Anne – but she can’t see you! BYOB (Bring Your Own Biscuits) ;D

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Also available *NOW*: Online Phonics Training Course for Teachers

In addition, for those who wish to improve their own knowedge and understanding of synthetic phonics and how to teach reading, and would prefer to study at their own pace, and access research and training at a higher level, then this comprehensive online training course is ideal. Written by phonics expert Debbie Hepplewhite (author Phonics International and Floppy's Phonics Sounds and Letters), the course is highly practical and covers the ‘What, Why… then How’ of teaching reading, spelling and handwriting (from code to words to sentences to texts) from the beginning. Not only does it come highly recommended, but you can save 50% by taking up the introductory offer below. To sign up, or to find out more click here.