Reflective Reading Digital Downloads

Hello! If you’ve landed on this page then you must be reading our book: Reflective Reading! Did you use the QR code? Check you out – fancy!

Here you can download all of the materials, resources, templates and lesson plans to help you get started.

The resources for each chapter are below, as well as some extra bits and bobs that may come in handy. If there’s something you need, but can’t find it – do let Anne know by email:

Just click on the link then do ‘save as’ to save to your own computer. Simples. Happy reading and happy planning!


1 You Are What You Read

2 How to Build a Reader

3 Planning, Tracking and Assessment

4 Teaching and Learning: Short Read

5 Teaching and Learning: Long Read

6 Managing Reading in the Classroom



Comprehension Compass Resources

Posters to Print

Templates to ‘Make Your Own’ Lessons and Task Maps


Gaelic Resources