A Word About Wow Words

Everyone loves Michael Rosen. He is one of my favourite authors to use in class to inspire children, through his books, poems and more recently the fabulous internet clips which bring poetry such as “Chocolate Cake” to life in the classroom. In one class we were so inspired we wrote our own performance poetry and […]

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Beyond the Hole in the Wall… but not much further

This morning I finished reading ‘Beyond the Hole in the Wall: Discover the Power of Self-Organized Learning’ by Sugata Mitra. It’s a short book but it promises much: “This important update on Mitra’s groundbreaking work offers new research and ideas that show how self-directed learning can make kids smarter and more creative. He also provides […]

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Handwriting is Dead (Oh no it isn’t!)

Reading my copy of TESS this week I was enjoying Fraser Speirs’ feature on using mobile phones in the classroom “Don’t run what ya brung”…until I got to the small print. Underneath the article some quotes from Fraser’s Tweets and Blogs are printed, including: “I started saying “handwriting is dead” in my presentations – for […]

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