What Big Eyes You Have…

day 13

Greetings! I bring good news – we had so many entries for the ‘book bangle’ prize the other day that we’ve decided to do another!

Today’s bangle may bring back memories if you were an avid reader of Ladybird books with their wonderful illustrations. We have not one but two (count ’em) TWO – book bangles, both handcrafted using vintage Ladybird pages from Little Red Riding Hood.

We have a silver plated bangle which shows the Big Bad Wolf and his slevering jaws full of scary teeth – perfect if you want to toughen up your image at school.


We also have a delightful elasticated bead bangle complete with a glass cabochon of Little Red Riding Hood. Both come with their own wee bag and tag!


So, it seems that it would be appropriate to have a #ladybird themed question… What was your favourite Ladybird book, illustration or memory? Tell us on here, on Twitter or over on FB. We look forward to hearing from you. (What do you mean you’re busy Christmas shopping?)


Jeffrey and Anne X

Caring is Sharing!

About the author

Anne Glennie is a Primary Teacher, Literacy Consultant, Trainer and the creator of Reflective Reading and founder of The Learning Zoo. Living on the Isle of Lewis she also has her own menagerie comprising: 1 husband, 2 children, 8 alpacas, 10 Hebridean sheep, 1 crested gecko and 1 French bulldog called Moomin.

7 comments on “What Big Eyes You Have…”

  1. Danielle MacLeod Reply

    My favourite ladybird memory was reading Little Red Riding Hood with my mum, I even had a red cape I would put on when we read it 😀

    • Anne Glennie Reply

      Oh how cute – your own Little Red Riding Hood cape – that is simply lovely! Thank you for sharing. Jeffrey and Anne X

  2. Susan Wilson Reply

    My favourite ladybird book is the Elves and the shoemaker. I love dreading this to my son many years ago and read to my P1s now.

    • Anne Glennie Reply

      Hello Susan! It seems that Elves and the Shoemaker is a really popular one – lots of mentions of it on FB and Twitter too! Thanks for sharing! Jeffrey and Anne X

  3. Anne Glennie Reply

    We interrupt the Xfactor final to announce tonight’s winner… Congratulations to Sarah Stevenson over on Facebook! Check in tomorrow for another free lesson download! Thanks everyone! Jeffrey and Anne X

  4. Colleen MacGregor Reply

    My favourite ladybird book was The Gingerbread Man. Still love that story and read it to my class recently. Run, run as fast as you can …….. Great for kids joining in with 🙂

    • Anne Glennie Reply

      You can’t catch me – I’m the gingerbread man! Yes, you are so right great for the repetition and joining in! My favourite bit is when the fox asks him to jump on my back little gingerbread man…! *crunch* Thank you for sharing! I think Ladybird should re-issue all of the fairy tales – but the old versions -the pictures and text are so memorable! X

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