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day 12

Well, can you believe it? Today marks the half-way point in our Advent Extravaganza! It also means that there are only 13 (unlucky for some) shopping days until Christmas… but that’s the bad news – the good news is, that, for most of you, there’s only five school days until the holidays! Yipee!

That is tremendous news because most of the teachers that I know are feeling – and let’s be honest, some of them are looking – like the snow monkeys above. So hang on in there…

Today’s advent is another book… but not just any book, oh no. This book will appeal to those of you that like:

* adventures

* great stories

* comics and graphic novels

* Scots

* all of the above!

The Adventures of Tintin have been published in over 50 languages, and last year Tintin: l’île Noir was translatit intae Scots by Susan Rennie – The Derk Isle.


Now to ring the changes, you have to answer the following question to enter the competition today!

What is the name of Tintin’s dog?

Tap out your answer to us on Twitter, FB or in the comments below!

Guid luck,

Jeffrey x (the over-worked giraffe)

Clawr Blaen Scots_Layout 1

Caring is Sharing!

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Anne Glennie is a Primary Teacher, Literacy Consultant, Trainer and the creator of Reflective Reading and founder of The Learning Zoo. Living on the Isle of Lewis she also has her own menagerie comprising: 1 husband, 2 children, 8 alpacas, 10 Hebridean sheep, 1 crested gecko and 1 French bulldog called Moomin.

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    • Anne Glennie Reply

      Hello Fiona – thanks for stopping by! This question is too easy!! Into the Zoo hat you go – good luck! Jeffrey and Anne X

    • Anne Glennie Reply

      Tee hee – yes, you’re right – another one into the hat! Good luck! Jeffrey and Anne X

    • Anne Glennie Reply

      Hello Sarnick – usually most blogs on have a wee follow button. This blog is slightly different – the best thing to do is to subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of the home page) but also the next time you reply to a post – tick all of the boxes to ensure that you will be notified of any new posts. Hope that helps! Jeffrey and Anne X

  1. Anne Glennie Reply

    Hello All! Well done on getting the question right – tee hee! It’s gone back to Twitter tonight and @tutuosifodunrin is the winner for today! Thank you all for taking the time to comment and participate – it really is appreciated. Keep trying – there are still plenty more prizes to come in Jeffrey’s Advent Extravaganza! Have a wicked weekend… ;D Jeffrey and Anne X

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