The Giraffe Who Came to Tea

As Anne is off gallivanting around the countryside, today’s advent treat is another giveaway. I know that many of you have remarked on Anne’s bracelets and bangles in the past, as she often tries to wear a ‘book bangle’ particularly if she is talking about reading!

Well, today – you too could be the proud owner of your own book bangle, guaranteed to turn heads and have everyone asking ‘Where did you get that?’

tiger bangle 2

Here is a picture of the aforementioned ‘book bangle’ – no prizes for guessing what book it is based on! It is silver plated spring bangle with a fabulous glass cabochon of the Tiger himself. This would of course, make a very pretty present for someone, as it has a little tag and gift bag – but it would be even better as a treat for yourself!

tiger bangle 1

How to enter:

Simply tell us in the comments below, on FB, or on Twitter (@thelearningzoo or @anneglennie), what is your all-time favourite #childhoodbook ?

The lucky winner will be announced at 10pm, (if things go to plan!)

I’m off to find a book about giraffes now,

Stay curious,

Jeffrey xxx

Caring is Sharing!

About the author

Anne Glennie is a Primary Teacher, Literacy Consultant, Trainer and the creator of Reflective Reading and founder of The Learning Zoo. Living on the Isle of Lewis she also has her own menagerie comprising: 1 husband, 2 children, 8 alpacas, 10 Hebridean sheep, 1 crested gecko and 1 French bulldog called Moomin.

7 comments on “The Giraffe Who Came to Tea”

  1. Lucy Power Reply

    My favourite childhood book is Charlotte’s Web. I still love reading it with the children I teach today. It’s a beautiful story of friendship.

    • Anne Glennie Reply

      Salutations Lucy – that is one of my all-time favourites too! It was my teacher Mrs Clarke that read it to us – and it’s the book that trips off my tongue most when training. Wilbur was certainly Some Pig! (How could Fern be more interested in Henry (was that his name?) at the end??? Oh and I’ve just remembered Templeton too! Thank you for sharing your favourite with us. Anne x

  2. Susan Wilson Reply

    My all time favourite book from my childhood is Little Women. I got it for my 7th birthday and couldn’t put it down. I now have a lot of different copies from around the world and even on my kindle! I always read it in the lead up to Christmas as it reminds me so much to appreciate what we have.

    • Anne Glennie Reply

      Another excellent choice – I always remember a small abridged copy with pictures I had growing up. I love that have collected lots of different copies from around the world! Thank you for visiting and sharing! Anne x

  3. Laura Hay Reply

    My favourite book asides from the numerous Famous Five and Secret Seven novels I had, was Judith Kerr’s ‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’. An amazing story of adventure and survival in a horrific time. I’m ever thankful to my Year 3 teacher who encouraged me to read books other than those written by Enid Blyton!

    • Anne Glennie Reply

      Hear, hear – for your Year 3 teacher! Just illustrates how much influence we have to create reading memories and cultivate reading habits! Lovely choice – thank you for sharing -and well done for winning! Anne x

  4. Anne Glennie Reply

    Hello everyone, Jeffrey here! Sorry for the delay, but I am pleased to announce that tonight’s winner is Laura Hay! Congratulations Laura, please send me an email to with your address.

    Thanks to all for your comments on the blog and on twitter, I know Anne will respond to them when she gets home tomorrow and normal service is resumed.

    Nighty night, Jeffrey X (the exhausted giraffe).

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