It will be Christmas in Snow Time…

day 10

Well, today’s giveaway might be appropriate soon, if the weather forecast is to be believed. Anne has chosen a lovely book of poems called ‘Sun Time, Snow Time’ (RRP £6.99) which is a cross-cultural collection of poems, contrasting life in the Caribbean with life in the UK.

All written by one of the UK’s best loved poets, Grace Nichols, this is an ideal book to have on your desk if you’re looking for short, simple verses to share with your class.

Sun Time Snow Time

To be in with a chance of winning today, all you have to do is RT the competition tweet on Twitter – or – tell us in the comments below or on FB – are you a #suntime or #snowtime person?

I’m a #suntime person, obviously, as I’m a giraffe – but I am looking forward to seeing my first snow this Christmas and sampling some #snowtime!

Big hugs,

Jeffrey and Anne x

P.S. winner announced at 10pm 😀

Caring is Sharing!

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Anne Glennie is a Primary Teacher, Literacy Consultant, Trainer and the creator of Reflective Reading and founder of The Learning Zoo. Living on the Isle of Lewis she also has her own menagerie comprising: 1 husband, 2 children, 8 alpacas, 10 Hebridean sheep, 1 crested gecko and 1 French bulldog called Moomin.

11 comments on “It will be Christmas in Snow Time…”

  1. Jessica Pollock Reply

    Hmm, that’s a tricky one. I LOVE the snow if I have a big chunky jumper, toasty socks and wellies on but I also Enjoy the sun. I think sun because you can do more when it’s sunny 🙂

    • Anne Glennie Reply

      Good choice Jessica! It will certainly be a bit of a hassle when I have to put on my two pairs of chunky socks and wellingtons. Also, I have yet to find a scarf of an appropriate length! Thanks for sharing! Jeffrey X

    • Anne Glennie Reply

      Well, I’m certainly dreaming of a white Christmas! I hope it’s as sparkly and beautiful as Anne has told me! Thanks for sharing Alison… I think it’s neck and neck (there’s a giraffe joke in there somewhere) with #suntime and #snowtime now! X

  2. Susan Reply

    #snowtime person. Best days are freezing cold and crisp snow. I do like giraffes a lot Jeffrey but some other favourites are robins, polar bears and penguins.

    • Anne Glennie Reply

      Mmmm I do like the sound of crisp snow – it sounds tasty! And maybe I could do with some more animal buddies here at Zoo HQ… I might ask Santa for a penguin pal this Christmas. (I’ve already been brainwashed by these Christmas feel-good adverts!)

  3. Susan Reply

    I am a snow person- I love snuggling up in acosy jumper with a warm drink, coal fire on and reading the Little Women and Anne of Greengables over again- my idea of heaven.

    • Anne Glennie Reply

      Oh what a lovely, cosy picture you’ve painted there Susan! And I know Anne will be impressed with the reading material! Oh hurry up holidays – we’re ready for you now! Jeffrey X

  4. Catherine Reply

    That’s a tough one Anne! I’d say that I’m a bit of both…..snow if I can stay inside and cosy up with a festive spiced orange hot chocolate. Great on a wintry day on the Isle of Harris! But on the other hand you can’t beat laying on a beach with a good book and the sun warming your bones

    • Anne Glennie Reply

      Mmmmm that spicy orangey chocolate drink sounds amazing! But I do understand why you’re having trouble choosing… oh I miss the sun warming my bones, especially my neck! Love Jeffrey (and Anne) X

  5. Anne Glennie Reply

    Hello! Jeffrey here! Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by the blog to share their #snowtime #suntime thoughts. Interestingly, it seems that #snowtime is more popular at the moment and many of you are looking forward to cosy days in the holidays when you’ll be cuddled up inside.

    Anyway, we do have a winner – congratulations to Susan Scott – a lovely poetry book will be on its way to you shortly! Just email your address to hello@thelearningzoo and we’ll do the rest!
    Thanks again everyone – do come back tomorrow as the prize will be a wearable one! Ooohhh! Nighty night, Jeffrey X

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